Top 5 Finnish Movies to Watch

Image from themeltonhouse.com

Image from themeltonhouse.com


We at HÄN are not here to judge you: binge watching of films and TV series on a cozy sofa on a cold wintery night or on a chilled summer day is as popular in Finland as anywhere else. So we asked Anja Popov, a production coordinator at the film production company Sons of Lumiere, for some Finnish movies recommendations to elevate your Netflix and Chill game. So sit back and let yourself get lost in the world of Finnish cinematography.


1. The Fencer/ Miekkailija (2015)

Image from imdb.com

Image from imdb.com


This internationally co-produced account of the life Endel Nelis, an accomplished Estonian fencer and coach, deserves a first place for its touching portrayal of Endel’s passion for fencing and his selfless wardship of the orphans in need his support after the Russian occupation. It has been nominated as The Best Foreign Film for the Golden Globe Award 2016 and shortlisted for The Academy Award 2016 in the same category.

Watch The Fencer trailer here


2. Big Game (2014)


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When the main plot of the film focuses on the 13 years old boy rescuing the President of the United States in the middle of Finnish forest when Air Force One is shot down near his campsite, you know it is going to be good. Directed by Jalmari Helander and starring Samuel L. Jackson and Onni Tomilla in the main roles, the film has everything required for an all round entertaining action movie experience.

Watch the Big Game trailer here


3. 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage/ 21 tapaa pilata avioliitto (2013)


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This film became the highest grossing locally produced movie of the year and for the good reasons. Directed and written by Johanna Vuoksenmaa, it follows the main heroine Sanna’s attempts to prove that ‘Divorce is a natural and probable consequence of falling in love’ in her cynical study of marriage. Of course, it all changes when she herself falls under the spell of charming Aleksi. You cannot go wrong with such a light-hearted romantic plot.

Watch the trailer for 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage here


4. Beauty and the Bastard/ Tyttö sinä olet tähti (2005)

Image from imdb.com

Image from imdb.com


If you fancy a bit of a musical evening, Beaty and the Bastard is all you need. In the same way as the iconic Beauty and the Beast, the concept of ‘opposites attract’ is central to the film. However, the drama taking place in this movie is way less innocent than in a children’s fairytale: an unlikely affair turned romance between a naive singer Nelli and ruthless rap DJ Sune behind the doors of the major record company promises many unexpected turns.

Watch the Beauty and the Bastard trailer here.


5. Sixpack/ Pussikaljaelokuva (2011)


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Not to be confused with American Six Pack (1982), this movie is based on the Pussikaljaromaani (2004) novel. It tells a story of three friends who live in Kallio (Shoreditch/Brooklyn of Helsinki) and their day to day adventures. An entertaining yet thought-provoking account of the Finnish life.

Watch the Sixpack trailer here


Words by Kira Kolosova.