Party Like A Finnish Girl: Helsinki Edition

Image from Emmi Alina. Styling, makeup & hair: Emmi Alina. Photography: Wilhelmina Ala-Krekola. Model: Iida Puttonen

Image from Emmi Alina Toukonen. Styling, makeup & hair: Emmi Alina Toukonen. Photography: Wilhelmina Ala-Krekola. Model: Iida Puttonen


We at HÄN get it. You work so hard during the week doing your school homework, preparing for the university exams or securing that dream promotion at your job that by the end of it, sitting and home and watching movies on Netflix might be the only thing on your mind. However, we strongly encourage you to get out and let your hair down at least once in a while. So whether you are a local or just want to get a taste of Finnish partying scene, here is our guide to how to have the best night out in the capital of Finland.


Preparation is key

Image from Emmi Alina. Styling, hair & makeup: Emmi Alina. Photography: Wilhelmina Ala-krekola, Model: Anniina Toukonen

Image from Emmi Alina Toukonen. Styling, hair & makeup: Emmi Alina Toukonen. Photography: Wilhelmina Ala-krekola, Model: Anniina Toukonen


There are two things that are important to avoid when you are planning a night out: being too sober and being too early. Nothing fun is happening at the club before 12 pm so might as well just take your sweet time doing your hair, makeup and choosing your outfit. The dress code completely depends on your destination. A good rule of thumb is central means fancy, everything else is casual. The details are up to you. Just do not forget some cash for the entrance fee.


Pre-drinking dilemma

Once the preparation completed, you might want to invite your friends over for a bottle of wine and a catch up of the events of the week. But since staying home is what we are trying to avoid, going to one of the bars in Kallio might be an even better option. Take advantage of the city’s amazingly efficient public transport to get you whether you set your mind on.


Club guide


Image by Kaiku for Yelp. Available from fi.yelp.fi

Image by Kaiku for Yelp from fi.yelp.fi


Opposite to the infamous fairytale, once the clock strikes midnight, it is time for the real party to begin. The fist on our list is, of course, the infamous giant Kaiku, located in the old factory in Kallio. With its impressive sound system and a great line-up of DJs from Finland, London and Berlin every weekend, this club earned a place on the list of Top 25 best clubs in Europe. Wear your trainers for some serious dancing marathon at this very real heaven for every techno fan.


Kaikukatu 4

00530 Helsinki, Finland


Kuudes Linja

Image from teleportaasi.fi

Image from teleportaasi.fi


Right next to Kaiku is the live music venue Kuudes Linja, which also doubles as a bar and a restaurant during the day. With some good selection of Finnish as well as international R&B and drummer based underground bands, you cannot really go wrong.


Hämeentie 13 B

00530 Helsinki, Finland




Corey Mack performing at Siltanen. Image from coreymack.us


In a conveniently close proximity to both Kaiku and Kuudes Linja is a little spot called Siltanen. Innocently named a cafe, at night this place is as far from the vanilla lattes as it can get. Focused primary on punk and rock music, Siltanen is one of the favourite spots for the local musicians to perform their latest songs.


Hämeentie 13 B

Helsinki, Finland



Image from Kaivohune official Facebook page. Available from facebook. com

Image from Kaivohune official Facebook page from facebook.com


Being a quite restaurant during winter, the beautiful Kaivohuone venue, located in the Kaivopuisto park, becomes a hot spot during summer with its legendary summer parties. Add to the mix good music, art deco interior and fashionable crowd, and you have a night to remember. Clinic parties also take place there for all you techno lovers.


Iso Puistotie 1

00140 Helsinki, Finland



Image from namu.fi

Image from namu.fi


In case you desire a fancy night out and are interested in potentially rubbing shoulders with some celebrities, chic Namu might just be what you need. Located in the very centre of Helsinki, this chic nightclub plays the top charts’ hits and demands equally stylish outwear and high heels.


Kaivokatu 6

00100 Helsinki, Finland



Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 15.19.09

Image from @capitalhelsinki Instagram


Similarly central and appropriately titled Capital, this new club has already gotten a lot of attention from the local partying crowd. It is divided by different dance areas according to music genres, mainly, international and Finnish pop (Antti Tuisku fans, you are in luck!) and rock music, so there is something for every taste.


Fredrikinkatu 51

00100 Helsinki, Finland


Compulsory post night out snack

The night out is not a night out without a good snack. Classics like McDonalnds will always do the trick, but if you want to try the local cuisine, one of the bars from our Eat Like a Finnish Girl guide should work just fine.


Have fun!


Words by Kira Kolosova.