Get to know the Finnish boy: Abdolreza Kanber


Image by Ali Aljanabi for HÄN


The Basics:

Name: Abdolreza Kanber

Age: 22

Agency: Eneas Corporation


Image by Ali Aljanabi for HÄN


HÄN: Where are you from?

Abdolreza: I am from Finland, Jyväskylä.

HÄN: What do you study?

Abdolreza: I’m applying for university to study pharmacy.

HÄN: How long have you been modelling on the side?

Abdolreza: I’ve been modelling for around one and a half years, no, let’s say one year, cause I don’t count it as modelling. But I modeled first for a fashion model agency when I started. Then I started to search for better agencies. That was a basic agency, it wasn’t that good. But I did three jobs there. One for Armani, one for Cocktenska, and the last one was for the agency… I don’t remember their name, actually. But after that actually, Eneas Corporation invited me.


Image by Ali Aljanabi for HÄN


HÄN: What do you like about modelling?

Abdolreza: I love to be photshooted, I like to express myself. Sometimes it makes me nervous, but it goes away when there is music. Catwalk is really cool to do, one of my favorite jobs.

HÄN: What do you not like about it?

Abdolreza: I think the most annoying part is waiting when the office calls you 3 hours before the shoot. It’s okay if it has a reason but just in case if there is traffic is not a good reason because in Finland we barely have car traffic.

HÄN: How would you describe your fashion style?

Abdolreza: I really don’t have exact fashion style, but I wear classic, sporty and hipster clothes. So I don’t have exactly one style but I try to keep it casual. I really like to use different blouses, chinos, jeans with casual sneakers or leather shoes. It depends on the event.


Image by Ali Aljanabi for HÄN


HÄN: What was the highlight of your career so far?

Abdolreza: Well my highlight was for Armani, in Lappeenranta they opened a new big Armani shop so the event was to show the clothes and catwalking but this was for my old agency where I was last year before entering Eneas Studios. There, it was Helsinki Fashion Week 2015.

HÄN: Are you planning to work as a model in the future? If not, what is your career plan?

Abdolreza: I am not sure that my future is modeling because I haven’t tried yet to apply to really good agencies in Finland, so I am focusing on studying.


Image by Ali Aljanabi for HÄN


HÄN: What are you hobbies?

Abdolreza: I play football, I have been playing since I was 7 years old. I also do jogging, gyming volleyball many of the ball games, ice hockey in winter and I like to ski sometimes. I like chess and card games. Reading books.

HÄN: Do you have a favourite book?

Abdolreza: Yeah I have, I read Paolo Coelho, he has this one book named Alchemistry but for now I don’t read any books unrelated to chemistry and physiology because I am applying this spring.

HÄN: What music do you like?

Abdolreza: I listen to music at different times and all kinds of music, when I am alone and I want to relax I listen to classical music to relax my brain. When I am bicycling I listen to Foo Fighters type of music. But my favourite band is Coldplay, I listen to it every day. In the gym, I prefer more old school music but it depends if I am doing cardio I listen to techno music etc.

HÄN: How do you like to spend your free time?

Abdolreza: Now my free time is mostly studying, hanging out with my girlfriend, family and friends. I play football 2-3 times a week.

HÄN: What is your favourite restaurant/club/place to hang out with friends in Helsinki?

Abdolreza: We actually don’t have an exact place to hangout all the time, we just do things like watching movies, playing football, going to the laser tag carting and so on. I used to go out a lot to clubs but I don’t really like it anymore.

IHÄN: What is it like living in Helsinki? And what do you like the most about living in Finland?

Abdolreza: It’s nice, I love it, I like the way they let the people have their own choice to study whatever you want and for free. I don’t understand why Finnish people don’t take it seriously, in many countries, there is no possibility to do this. Finland has nice summer sometimes. So it depends on our luck here (laughs). But here is everything you need to build your future. And to be safe, everything is close to you, a bike is useful. Here we have absolute good buss/tram/train/taxi system. I don’t want to give you a too good picture of Finland, there are some problems in here and it’s normal to have them, I believe that they will be fixed.


Questions by Kira Kolosova.

Photography by Ali Aljanabi.

Clothes and styling by Abdolreza Kanber.